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From: "the goldstiens" <>
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Sent: Monday, November 11, 2002 12:09 PM
Subject: Muckafurgason LAST SHOW EVER

| That's right. The Mission is Terminated! Please save all your
| questions for the show.
| We just want to thank everyone who has supported us in every and all the
| ways. I know I have done this same e-mail as a joke, but this time it's
| for real. Which makes you think is this now the real joke. NO!
| Muckafurgason is disbanding. Chris will follow his dreams of creating
| the ultimate supreme potato chip. Andy will create the strongest most
| awesome girl rocker/mathmagician/scientist/fashionista in the world.
| And John will go on annoying people till the day they die. Again thank
| you to everyone who came to our shows/bought our cds/ and especially to
| those who told us that some day we were gonna be huge.
| Muckafurgason
| Luna Lounge
| (Ludlow below Houston)
| Friday Nov 15th.
| 11pm - ???? ( a lot of songs)
| Free (21 and older)
| (for those who are supposed to stay inside on fridays, apparently you
| can walk to the show and you don't need money since it's free. I know
| others who have done this....)
| xoxoxo
| Mucka
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