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RIP Muckafurgason.COM

Don't know if anyone looks at this anymore, but looks like has finally been taken down (not sure when--sometime within the past three or four months, I would guess). So saddening...I had kind of begun to take it for granted that it'd always be there. Well, I hope y'all downloaded all of the "60-second songs," cuz they were awesome. If you didn't, and are now kicking yourself, get a hold of me, I can get you a copy if you want for a minimal and nominal fee. Likewise, if anyone has the videos that were on that site (the "Consuela" video and the animation for "Dictionary" leap to mind) I would be interested in getting copies of them.

If you're interested in hearing me cover "Liar," visit here (Track 4, Ctrl-click or right-click and choose "Save As...") and check it (and other songs, if ya want) out!

~MustardRØB (jabberwocky)
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